Awesome News!

Luke will be in Melissa McCarthy’s comedy “Life Of The Party” πŸ™‚

Just Jared’s Summer Bash

Sorry for a late post but Luke attended the Just Jared’s Summer Bash on August 13th – Check out the photos:

Just Jared’s Summer Bash Arriving


Just Jared’s Summer Bash


Hey Guyz

I haven’t been able to update much due to my laptop acting up but it’s back up and running. I will do my best to upload the screencaps from the behind the scenes video of The Girl & The Dreamcatcher’s Make You Stay Video. I did upload the caps from the music video awhile back if you haven’t checked them out…go on ahead and do it (:

The Girl & The Dreamcatcher- Make You Stay Music Video Caps


Kids Choice Awards 2016

Luke attended the Kids Choice Awards yesterday. Check out the photos:

Kids Choice Awards


Luke Will Be In Girl Meets World

Luke will be playing as Thor in the hit Disney show Girl Meets World. He’ll be in two episodes for Season Three. Episode 1 & 2. So keep an eye out! <3

Hey Guys!!

Luke hasn’t really done much lately but I have been uploading to the gallery of photos that I end up coming across. I will be adding some photoshoot shots of him that he did with his family soon. So keep an eye out for those <3

Hey Guyz

Sorry for not updating much. Things have been crazy and Luke hasn’t really done anything lately. Now, I did update the gallery. Added a few screencaps and photos (:

Miss Polonia USA Caps & Video

I uploaded some caps of Luke at the Miss Polonia USA. Check out the caps in the gallery & the video below:




MegaFest 2015

Luke attended the Megafest in Dallas yesterday. Check out the photos: