Hey Guyz

Sorry for not updating lately.. First I as in the middle of evacuating due to Hurricane Irma and then I ended up moving. Hopefully things will go back the way it was soon.

Still The King

Luke was in an episode of CMT’s Still The King. He was in the “Battle of the basement” episode which is the second episode of season two. He may be in more episodes but i’m not so sure so keep an eye out for him πŸ˜‰

Hey Guys

I’m still around lol – Just been busy with other sites that I run. I mainly upload to the gallery so check that out. Luke hasn’t really done anything that I know of lately so once something comes up..I will post about it here πŸ™‚

Gallery Update

I’ve uploaded some photos of Luke from his snap to the gallery and caps from the Christmas Show he did in Texas. Check em out!

Personal Photos


Christmas Under The Big Top Caps


Christmas Show

Luke and his father did a Christmas show for Second Baptist Church – Woodway in Texas called Christmas Under The Big Top- I will be adding the caps soon and if you want to watch the show here is the link: Christmas Under The Big Top – Check out some photos from the show in the gallery:

Christmas Under The Big Top


Awesome News!

Luke will be in Melissa McCarthy’s comedy “Life Of The Party” πŸ™‚

Just Jared’s Summer Bash

Sorry for a late post but Luke attended the Just Jared’s Summer Bash on August 13th – Check out the photos:

Just Jared’s Summer Bash Arriving


Just Jared’s Summer Bash