Here is the screencaps for Luke’s movie called “Wildcat”


Wildcat Movie Screencaps


Hey Guyz

I’m so sorry for not updating this part of the site often. I tend to forget about it or get to busy to do so. I will do my best to update it when new things come around. I do update the gallery when I can. So go on and check that out 🙂


You’re In Grand Isle Son Clip

– Check out Kelsey Grammer and Luke Benward in Grand Isle (Available on iTunes and catch it in selective theaters now)

Grand Isle Movie Trailer Screencaps

Here is the screencaps for Luke’s latest movie with Nicolas Cage called “Grand Isle”


Grand Isle Trailer Screencaps


Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

Luke attended the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on February 15th. Uploaded the photos to gallery.. Check em out!


Teen Vogue Hollywood Party


Dumplin Movie Screencaps

Uploaded screencaps of Luke from Dumplin to the gallery. Check em out!

Dumplin Screencaps


Dumplin Premiere

Yesterday was the premiere for Luke’s new movie Dumplin. You can watch the movie now up on Netflix and check out the photos from the premiere here:

Dumplin Premiere