"Point Of Honor"
Character:Garland Rhodes
Premiere Date:01/15/2015
Genere;Drama, Action,War
"Field Of Lost Shoes"
Character:John Wise
Release Date:04/13/2014
DVD Release:12/02/2014
Genere;Action, Drama, War
"Cloud 9"
Character:Will Cloud
Premiere Date:01/17/2014
DVD Release:04/22/2014
Type:Television Movie
Genere;Action, drama, romance




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I haven’t been able to update much due to my laptop acting up but it’s back up and running. I will do my best to upload the screencaps from the behind the scenes video of The Girl & The Dreamcatcher’s Make You Stay Video. I did upload the caps from the music video awhile back if you haven’t checked them out…go on ahead and do it (:

The Girl & The Dreamcatcher- Make You Stay Music Video Caps


Luke is in the Girl Meets World Teaser. Check out the photos & video below:

Girl Meets World Teaser Caps



Luke attended the Kids Choice Awards yesterday. Check out the photos:

Kids Choice Awards


Luke will be playing as Thor in the hit Disney show Girl Meets World. He’ll be in two episodes for Season Three. Episode 1 & 2. So keep an eye out! <3

Luke hasn’t really done much lately but I have been uploading to the gallery of photos that I end up coming across. I will be adding some photoshoot shots of him that he did with his family soon. So keep an eye out for those <3

Sorry for not updating much. Things have been crazy and Luke hasn’t really done anything lately. Now, I did update the gallery. Added a few screencaps and photos (:

I uploaded some caps of Luke at the Miss Polonia USA. Check out the caps in the gallery & the video below:




Luke attended the Megafest in Dallas yesterday. Check out the photos:



Luke hasn’t done anything recently. I wish he was but if he does, I will of course post about it. For now, you can check out the behind the scenes caps from Cloud9 and Good Luck Charlie Episode 4×11 caps in the gallery:

Behind the Scenes: The Story caps


Behind the Scenes: Team Swift vs. the Hot Doggers Caps


4.11- Teddy’s Choice Caps


I haven’t forgotten about this site. Luke just hasn’t really been doing anything or going to any kind of events etc. Once he does, I will post about it of course (: